Shared hosting overcrowding.

Shared hosting overcrowding.

In regards to shared hosting I wanted to know, what processors hosting companies follow to ensure all sites on the shared server are loading at fast speeds. My concern is that if I deploy a site to a shared hosting server how do I know the servers are not going to become overcrowded in the future? Website development and fast load go hand in hand. Do shared hosting providers guarantee my site will not drop in load speed as the server gets more crowded?

I asked several hosting companies and this is what they said:


“We do monitor our shared servers to make sure they stay as fast as possible however we can’t help if somebody on your server has a massive spike in traffic and that slows your site down.” 


“Our plans are based on next gen LXC technology on bare metal. Thanks to it, we can allocate power when its needed so we do not really have a set values of RAM and CPU per account. You can be sure that we are not following some hosting companies strategy to overcrowd servers in order to save costs”

Ventra ip

“We use a server software called CloudLinux that ensures fair resource limits on our server, so that way everyone is allocated resources fairly. We also advertise how many accounts we allocate per sled, and these are very low numbers. You can view that here: (scroll down to More Information).”


“We actually do not do any shared hosting – we have bulk plans where we house sites on one VPS, but they are only ever your sites and we only ever put 50 sites maximum on one VPS, so once you hit site 51, a second VPS”


“While many shared hosting providers have thousands of sites crammed onto the one server, we have a significantly lower server density to ensure constant performance. Our focus is on business clients and developers, so we ensure the platform stays optimised at all times. All of our servers are in Brisbane using a diverse set of network connections to ensure the lowest latency possible within Australia (including direct connectivity into networks within Sydney and Melbourne).”


“A shared hosting environment has its allocated memory limit, cpu, etc. Once reached, it will really affect the speed of the site, that’s the disadvantage of shared hosting.
You will need to do some optimisations to ensure loading speed is okay, or if you needed a faster speed, I suggest getting a VPS server. We do not share how many sites we put on shared hosting environments.”

Bluehost, Justhost, Host Monster

“Once the servers are overused, we recommend that you upgrade the hosting account or optimize the website files. We do have admins who monitor the shared account server, If there is issue you will be notified through email “

Crazy Domains

“All of our servers are being monitored from time to time to check both the performance and the space consumed. We absolutely guarantee your site will not drop in load speed as the server gets more crowded.”

So which is the best for shared hosting?

My feeling is that you can judge how good a hosting provider is by the quality of their responses. WPengine, Siteground, Flywheel, Conetix and Ventra Ip had the most professional responses with the most interesting processors. We recommend these companies for hosting as they have proven to us they are worth the investment.

Not sure what the best option is for your business? Reach out and we can help!