WordPress Development Melbourne

WordPress Custom Theme Development For When You Want More Than An Off The Shelf Solution

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System, with thousands of themes and functionalities. But while it doesn’t have on-the-shelf solution to every problem, it offers the flexibility to build it.

That’s where our WordPress website development company comes in. Pixelstorm's leading experts create custom backend WordPress solutions that are bespoke to your business.

The custom solutions and backend integrations help you automate and streamline your business processes – and ensure a lightning-fast and forward-thinking website.

Return on investment.

Thanks to our high-standard WordPress development services, your website is built for longevity and usability to ensure you get your return on your investment.

Amazing custom backend experience.

If creating content is your thing, then we want you to enjoy creating content. Our WordPress content creation experiences are a delight, super easy and powerful.

WooCommerce Websites

We have been building and designing high level, custom made WooCommerce sites since we got our hands on WordPress. It's become a specialty of ours. Super powerful when coupled with our Conversion Rate Optimisation, Adwords and SEO services

Fast & Smooth Process

Building a website is like building a house. There is an overwhelming amount of things to consider. Our process is our guide and it ensures great results and an efficient turnaround time, so you can enjoy the ROI and your customers the great user experience.

Creative Control So Your Website Looks Like Your Brand

Having a custom website means that you won’t have to cut any corners when it comes to branding. A template has its limitations, but when it comes to custom WordPress Theme Development, you can rest assured that your brand guidelines are followed to a T.

Fast Loading Websites

A fast-loading website is paramount when it comes to keeping your customers on the site. A Pixelstorm website is built with speed in mind, meaning that your visitors will have a great user experience.

Rainwater Tanks and Liquid Storage Solutions

A modern and clean mobile first user interface design for leading manufacturer with improved website navigation and clear call to actions.

Custom Gift Boxes & Hampers Online Store

Custom website development to deliver an innovative way to sell hampers. which helped there unique business operate the way they needed including Build your own gift box custom functionality to help unique positioning in the market.

Leading Manufacturer of Floor Safety

Website overhaul for a market leader incorporating AR/3D product integration with a focus on clear calls to action,, SEO strategy and the introduction of a Resource hub

Winston Churchill International Society Official Website

Keeping Churchill's values going to the next generation with a modern web design aimed to increase membership and subscriptions while keeping Churchill of interest and alive to the next generation

Premium Cosmetic Surgeon Clinics

A website facelift that attracts the ideal customer with an eCommerce store add-on

Leading Manufacturer of Commercial Furniture & Joinery

A modern custom website design and development refresh to position them as a premium provider and showcasing there amazing quality of work

Enterprise SAAS Solutions

The Nimblex website was far too nimble for this enterprise software - They were in need of some solution focused messaging, brand positioning and a website redesign that attracted businesses, corporations and governments.

Business IT Solutions

Building a site with UI focus. A custom website design to make IT services fun and with personality.

Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) Microsite

A custom web design for a new content first microsite that delivers an intuitive user experience, while a breeze to update in the backend

Trauma training for Doctors and Nurses

Fast loading mobile first digital experience for busy doctors and nurses providing 3 click event enrolment and 3rd party event software integration
WordPress Web Design Melbourne

Custom WordPress Web Design That Seperates You From the Crowd

Do you feel like your website looks like your competitors’? Is your business not attracting the right customers? Do you feel like your brand is not portrayed in the right way? Are you not getting the ROI you want?

Our custom frontend solutions solve your target audience’s problems with a website that’s easy to navigate and optimised for search engines. A unique website that’s fast, user-friendly and, most importantly, that you’ll have full control over.

web development folio for viclube

Web Design Experts

Our Melbourne-based team of professional web designers and developers use their 15+ years of experience to develop a wide range of high-quality solutions that are easy to update

  • User Experience
  • User Research & Testing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
web development folio for etm course

CMS Web Development

Our WordPress web developers use tried and tested strategies to build lightning-fast and forward-thinking websites for the perfect customer experience.

  • User Friendly Content Management Systems
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development
  • SEO And Marketing Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Accessibility Requirements
  • Bespoke Backend Development
eccommerce woocommerce development folio for the fold swimware

eCommerce for WordPress (WooCommerce)

Looking to update your WordPress eCommerce store? Start again or refresh, our WooCommerce website developers can advise and plan out the best approach with you to meet your business goals. Plus, with the endless custom options WordPress allows when it comes to store automations and integrations, you can easily save time and increase business efficiencies.

  • Woocommerce (WordPress) eCommerce
  • Store Add Ons to existing sites
  • Payment and Order Integrations
  • Inventory and fulfilment integrations
  • Custom Integrations and Solutions
  • Shipping calculations and plugins
“Our campaign site did an outstanding job, which was backed by your brilliance at SEO. When I look back on partner selection process, we had the good fortune to pick winners.”

Jason Lee

“Pixelstorm were excellent. Really glad to have dealt with them. They helped me turn a Google AdWords campaign into a profitable one! I found that they were really helpful and went above and beyond. Really. Very glad to have met them. 5 STARS.”

Simon Quinn

Thank you again for the time and hard work spent putting together the audit and other reports for us. We appreciated the personal service and the educational approach you took. A few of the simple tweaks that you recommended, appears to be making a difference in traffic and user experience. We are grateful for those improvements made and your knowledge & expertise you shared with us.

Doug Hendershott | SafetyGear Online

“Pixelstorm had a great system to manage all the components, they were very responsive and we always knew where we were in the process. I would recommend Pixelstorm to anyone looking to have a site built from scratch or a web development task”


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WordPress FAQ's


There's more to a website than what you see in the browser window.

While you don't need to be bothered with the step-by-step of building a high-converting website, you should understand more about what you get, what your options are and what to expect from the process.

Why use WordPress for my Business Website?

WordPress websites are the most popular on the internet. They are highly customisable, easy-to-use, and their versatility makes them perfect for small and medium-sized business websites.

Here are some advantages of using WordPress for your business website:
  1. User-friendly
  2. Easy to customise
  3. A big database of plugins
  4. SEO-friendly
  5. Secure
  6. Optimised for speed
  7. Responsive

We are a leading WordPress Development Company. We offer powerful and flexible WordPress solutions that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

How to Manage a Large-Scale WordPress Site?

Managing a large-scale WordPress website is like managing a multi-storey building. There are a lot of elements you need to consider so that it functions properly.

Here are 5 best practices that will help you manage large-scale WordPress websites successfully:

  1. Work with the right agency
  2. Optimise for performance
  3. Practice SEO (search engine optimisation)
  4. Pay attention to security
  5. Manage your website’s database and perform regular backups
  6. Perform regular database Maintenance
  7. Perform regular plugin, WordPress core and site maintenance updates

At Pixelstorm, we can help you build and manage your WordPress website, customised to your needs so you can meet your business goals.

How much does a WordPress website cost to build?

The price of WordPress websites varies wildly. It depends on the use case, technology, integrations and strategy. Having said that, WordPress web design can cost anywhere between $300 and $100k and beyond.

We produce forward-thinking WordPress websites for businesses, using tools and integrations that allow you to maximise your website performance.

How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

Building a WordPress website can take anywhere from between a day (for a typical “brochure website” without any advanced features) and to a year (highly customised websites) in some cases. WordPress web design depends on how you want to use your website, what technology and integrations you need and the overall strategy.

Can you custom design our WordPress website?

Yes. The reason WordPress is so popular is because it's a very powerful CMS. By designing your website in WordPress, we can customise every aspect of it. Our websites are built to last and to be user-friendly – and ensure you get what you pay for and more.

Is WordPress flexible enough to do what we need?

Yes, WordPress is very powerful, it's super popular and it's free. It's highly customisable and can do and look like almost anything you want. Due to WordPress Popularity WordPress integrates with a tonne of other popular services like Mailchimp for instance.


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