Is your website secure with https?

Is your website secure with https?

Check your website is secure today.

Is your website secure?  Learn how to check if your website uses best practice security to ensure safety of your customers data, and a better browsing experience.
HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP.  The “S”, stands for Secure.  Simply put, it ensures your website data is  encrypted and safe, with additional security.
We will explain how you can  check if your website is secure, why its important and the benefits of the HTTPS upgrade to you and your customers!

How do I know if my website has HTTPS?

If you have a padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser, it means the site is secure, and that any data being sent or received is encrypted. A secure website also has a URL that starts with https:// making it easy to identify.

Do I really need HTTPS on my website?

Short answer – Yes! Customers want to know you are protecting their personal information. Even if your business doesn’t use your website for shopping or transactions, having the HTTPS will promote promote trust and safety.

Non HTTPS website also run the risk of been “blocked” on certain browsers with a warning message to site visitors, which will definitely deter potential site visitors and any lead generation.

Will not using HTTPS harm my SEO rankings?

Security is a top priority for Google. HTTPS is a small ranking factor for organic rankings, and Google are constantly changing their search results to benefit secure sites.

Whats the solution to upgrade to a HTTPS Website?

Your hosting company can assist with upgrading your site to HTTPS by providing you with an SSL certificate – This certificate is what provides the “S” at the end the of the HTTP.  You may need to purchase this depending on the host.  Once purchased, ask us about installation and transfer to HTTPs.

Upgrade your site security!

Don’t worry about upgrading your own site!  Some hosts will upgrade it for you free of charge, or our web design Agency Melbourne can assist.  Simple get in touch with out web via the button below, and we will start the process to ensuring your customers get a secure website experience.