Our Process for new website builds

Our Process for new website builds


We always make sure we understand your business needs well before we start working on wireframes & design. Every website should have specific goals like getting new leads or completing an application, and those goals need to be incorporated in the planning phase from day one. Having a great looking site that has a poor user experience is not meeting the needs of your users.
This is why we allocate a good amount of project time to planning & strategy. We take this time to meet, understand your business, evaluate your competitors, look at your website analytics, and really evaluate what is missing from your current website.
From this research, we can get to the fun part and start creating the foundations for your revamped website. We do this through:

  • Sitemaps & Information Architecture
  • Wireframes

Creating wireframes (blueprints) allows us to illustrate the core components of an individual page, communicating hierarchy, UI patterns, content types, and structure. Defining the right fields for each template & specifications needed per template are included here too. It’s a representation of how the interface might work, although it’s not the final visual design or layout. Mobile is a key part of this strategy.


Once the wireframes are completed and approved, the creative team get started! The Website Designers take the work done, and create modern, brand based designs that will engage each of your target audiences. We design each page template – With the main key pages designed on both mobile & desktop – Just to show what the user experience is like on each key device. During design, we bounce ideas and designs back and forth with you to get your input. It’s easy to change up designs while they are at this phase, so we always spend as much time as necessary in the design stages to make sure we nail the scope.


After you sign off your design mock ups, it’s time to get coding! Here the technical nerds take over, slice things up and get the graphics integrated with the WordPress framework. Any custom software components are either built or integrated until you have a fully functioning website up on your development (test) server.


A live test site (staging site) will be provided. A staging site located at a private domain is crucial for high-level web development projects. A staging site will allow you to interact with the website at various stages of its completion, viewing the website on any device you can get your hands on. The key use case for a staging site is it allows us to identify usability issues as early as possible.


One on one in person training is provided for you to become familiar with your new website. We provide ½ day training sessions to ensure you have the opportunity to build pages, add media content, edit existing pages etc. during the training. We find these training sessions leave clients feeling empowered to manage their own websites with minimal need for technical developer assistance.

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