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Google AdWords Management and Pay Per Click Marketing

We don’t just drive clicks to your site. We drive results. Choosing us as your PPC partner means choosing clicks that become sales.

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Pay per click (PPC) advertising platforms like Google AdWords are a great way to give your business immediate visibility in search engines.

And thanks to our industry-certified expertise, we can drive search hits to your website in a cost-effective manner.

For most businesses – and AdWords management agencies – that’s where the story ends.

But at Pixelstorm, we ensure your pay per click marketing provides real business results – because we believe the story only ends when those clicks become revenue.

Google PPC Services Include:

  • Adwords Campaign Reviews/Audits
  • Adwords Campaign Set Up & Management
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Shopping Advertising
  • You tube Advertising
  • Google Remarketing

Get Started with Pixelstorm Adwords Management Services and benefit from:

Conversion-focused PPC

Getting traffic to your site through Google AdWords management won’t give you a return on investment. You’ll only get that when your traffic becomes custom.

That’s why Pixelstorm integrates your business goals into our PPC strategies. Because we think if digital marketing isn’t helping your business grow, then it’s not marketing at all.


Our extensive PPC and Google AdWords management experience means we know exactly how to optimise your campaign for the most cost-effective results possible.

We look at every metric in detail – from keyword cost-per-click to ad click-through rates. And we make the necessary tweaks to ensure your budget stretches far as possible.

Transparent Reporting

We love getting real results for our clients. So naturally, we want to share them with you!

We ensure your pay per click marketing reports always speak the language of business results – not just dazzling industry jargon. Because we believe clear, comprehensible reporting is the only way to show the benefits of PPC for your business.

We provide monthly detailed reports and other reports as need.  Need to impress the boss?  No problems – We customise each report to suit YOUR business & PPC objectives.


We are accredited Partners – and they’re not organisations who’ll endorse just anyone. It’s a recognition of proven experience and expertise when it comes to delivering effective pay per click campaigns.

Choosing Pixelstorm as your PPC/AdWords management agency means choosing that expertise – and the measurable ROI benefits that come with it.

Flat Fees.  100% of the time.

We like to keep things simple – Flat Fees mean you know what you are paying each month for your Adwords Management – And that all Pixelstorm Adwords are included.  From call tracking to face to face meetings – It’s all part of the Pixelstorm service.

Official Google Partner

Pixelstorm is a certified Google Partner, which means access to Google exclusive tools as well as personalised support directly from Google. So you will benefit from the best advice, latest knowledge and product releases for your Adwords campaigns.

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