Wordpress Ecommerce Websites

Everyone hates waiting in line. Make sure your website users don’t get stuck at the checkout with Pixelstorm’s ecommerce integration.

You’ve done the hard part. Your customers are ready to pay for your products. We’ll ensure you don’t lose them at the final step.

That’s because we’re experts in Woocommerce design and development – an extremely powerful tool that efficiently facilitates sales for your business.

Woocommerce ensures a smooth transaction for your site users, improving your sales performance and increasing turnover.

Think of it as your website’s own dedicated store clerk who:

  • Takes payments directly on your site through platforms like PayPal – no need to send visitors off your site to external payment pages.
  • Offers customers custom shipping options.
  • Up-sells customers by offering related products.
  • Reports figures directly to your accounting programmes.
  • Helps you manage your inventory.

Tailor-made Ecommerce Platforms

Already have a WordPress site? Easy. We can seamlessly integrate Woocommerce with your website structure and business branding.

Or need a brand new ecommerce site? No problem. Our expertise in Woocommerce design and development means we’ll custom-build an ecommerce solution that suits your business perfectly.

Optimised for All Devices

Just like everything we do, our Woocommerce development options are focused on driving conversions for your business. That includes optimising for all devices – allowing easy purchasing from mobiles and tablets.

Get Sales Insights Through Analytics

Nobody gets more excited about sales than we do. From your sales analytics, we can make recommendations on improving your ecommerce store to get more sales.

Ongoing Woocommerce Training and Support

Woocommerce makes purchasing easy for your customers. But it can be tricky to manage without specialist knowledge.

We can guide you through the setup and maintenance process – or we can take care of everything for you.
We can also recommend how to Integrate your store with online marketing channels like social media and Google AdWords.

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