Working Your Way

Project Description:

Working you way was produced as an Internal, Intranet Government website. The site needed to be visually engaging with a mobile first design. Consideration to older browsers & Internet Explorer were key. Also as important was the Admin area of the website - Easy to update, and clear sections were essential The result was a professional, functional website that has been a breeze for the team to update. The on site engagement has exceeded initial goals through low bounce rate, high time on site and high number of pages per view.

  • Date:
    Mid 2016
  • Features:
    • Mobile First Design
    • Strong User Experience
    • Engaging Visual Design
    • Image Grid creates a nice visual appearance
    • Searchable FAQ's
    • Lighbox Videos
    • "Hamburger" Menu Navigation to suit the mobile first design
  • Client:
  • Industry:

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