Project Description:

Trisled are a small business that produces performance quality human powered vehicles. These guys are super down to earth and just doing what they love. We like that. They remind us of us. So we wanted to build these guys the best website we could. After meeting with them, we discussed some of their key issues as a small business. We wanted to know where we could help out the most. Upgrading Design and website functionality was a given. But what they really wanted us to do was to get their e-commerce flexible enough to handle the complex shipping requirements. Which we did.. Aswell as many other things.

  • Date:
    Late 2015
  • Features:
    • We created a design that clearly communicated the magic, power and speed of these custom-made vehicles. Appealing to the extreme, sports subculture
    • As the client is very hands-on and particular about intricate details, we created this site with extremely easy to use admin area. The client has full control over what is displayed where.
    • Highly detailed and flexible product display and blog article section.
    • Customised e-commerce /shipping design and functionality
  • Client:
  • Industry:
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