Gray Johnson

Project Description:

The issue with the previous Gray Johnson site was the time it took to manually enter the properties. Manually entering properties for a site like Gray Johnson is almost a full time job for someone. That was our incentive when building this version. The more automated we can make it, the more time it saves the staff at Gray Johnson, the happier they are with us.

  • Date:
    Late 2014
  • Features:
    The automation system is a real time saver. After Importing all the property descriptions, features and images on a daily basis from an xml feed, the site then automatically tweets the the new property listing on twitter. Search for properties by Suburb, Postcode, Property Id. Further refine the search by selecting property type. Ie Industrial, retail, office. The homepage was designed to tell people what Types of Commercial Properties Gray Johnson work with. Therefore the homepage consists of featured propertiesĀ andĀ some sold / leased properties. The sold / leased properties is like the Gray Johnson success board. Selling / Leasing is what they do.
  • Client:
    Gray Johnson
  • Industry:
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