The importance of a website care plan

The importance of a website care plan

We believe that our relationship shouldn’t end once the website has gone live. After all, A website is a tool used for collecting data, data needs to be analysed and actioned, otherwise there’s no point collecting it.

Your website collects both good and critical data. An example of good data is: the average “on page” time for your “about us” page is just over two minutes.

An example of critical data is someone from the Ukraine tried to log into your website 50 times and at 12:00am some malicious files where added to your server.

A website care plan is a dedicated number of hours, on a monthly basis. Allowing us to use the data to make stategic website updates based on your requests and also the data collected. It’s not expensive and it’s very effective.

We found our clients really love these care packages. As when you have the freedom of adding in additional features once the website is live, you’d be amazed at how many good ideas your flooded with post launch.

When you know that someone is taking care of your website, it alleviates any stress and concern you may have allowing you to focus on positive, constructive ideas.

How a website Care Plan can help you

  • Ongoing security audits. To ensure your site is being protected from International and the local malware attacks.
  • Priority updates. As you have put your trust in Pixelstorm we reward you with priority updates. Which means you don’t have to wait for the updates. You get ushered to the front Queue.
  • Ongoing support and Consultation. Chat to us about ideas, we can tell you how your website is performing an how it can be improved.
  • Special rates. As you are committed to a certain number of hours per month this allows us to organise our time better. We reward you for this as it makes our day-to-day operations so much more organised.
  • Ongoing traffic audits. We study the site traffic to ensure that the website is doing its job only on page retention is where it should be.

If you’re serious about your online presence and believe that you can make a massive difference to your business, a website care plan is the cheapest most effective strategy for you.

Is there a minimum contract?

All packages have a minimum 6 month timeframe.

Custom Packages?

Indeed. The packages can be customised to suit your company. Let us know if you have any suggestions for a package that is perfect for your business.

  • Low Maintenance
  • $80+gst p/m
    • Security updates are monitoring
    • WordPress core and plug-in updates
    • Quarterly Backups
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  • Silver
  • $275+gst p/m
    • Security updates are monitoring
    • WordPress core and plug-in updates
    • Monthly Backups
    • 2 small tasks (at your request).
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  • Gold
  • $395+gst p/m
    • Security updates are monitoring
    • WordPress core and plug-in updates
    • Weekly Backups
    • Onsite SEO
    • Monthly website traffic reports
    • 2 small/medium tasks (at your request).
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