Sometimes we use words that you may have never heard before. This list will help clarify what we are talking about.

Frontend – the homepage and all other pages of the website as viewed by a user who is not logged into the wp-admin. This is a term we use in wordpress training many times eg: “View the frontend to see the change you have just made”

Backend – the wp admin area of the website when you are logged in.

Sitemap – The page structure of your website in diagram form. We will create a site map prior to the design & construction of the website

Wireframe – The structure of a website page represented with grey boxes. We will create wireframes of important pages prior to the design & construction of the website.

Staging – A server that is created so you can view your website at an alternate address rather then the real live website.

Css – The styling code

Textlink – A link to a page made completely from HTML text.

Call to action – A button or a component on the page that directs people via a link to where you want them to go.

SEO – Search engine optimisation. Relating to how google reads the page. We usually use ‘Seo’ best practice as a way to justify a decision we have made. eg:  we did this for “Seo Reasons”.

Keyword – A word people use when they search.

Keyword Mappings – A term used in SEO identifying what keywords will be used on what pages.

Breadcrumbs – Are navigational links that show the user their current location in the website page hierarchy.

Custom Fields – Custom fields allow for user-friendly updates, they make updating content on websites a breeze and require no technical knowledge. Custom fields can be as simple as a ‘favourite song’ field or a ‘date’ field. Or far more complex website elements can use custom fields for instance an image slider. You may have one custom field for the image and another custom field for the text that sits above the image. These fields can also then be easily repeated so rather than having just one slide you can have as many as you like.

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