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Your customers and target audience are active on social media. And that’s where many of them are talking about your brand. So isn’t it time you joined the conversation? Social media marketing and management from Pixelstorm ensures you don’t just have a social media presence – it ensures you never miss an opportunity to engage with the people that drive your business.

Build an Audience that’s Listening

Do you know how to build a social media following? We do.

Through a combination of organic and paid marketing activity, we’ll drive the right people to interact with your social media pages.

Strategy-backed Activity

Too many businesses post generic social media content and wonder why nobody interacts with it.

Pixelstorm social media management is different. We develop thoughtful content strategies that will inform, educate and engage your customers.

So everything on your profile pages will be there for a reason. No “how’s your day going?” And no cat videos.

Capitalise on Trends

If people aren’t actively engaging with your social media content, we’ll find out why. And we’ll rigorously test and improve the content until it does.

We closely monitor online trends to ensure you’re always saying the right things, at the right times, on the right social platforms.

Expert Community Management

Constantly monitoring your social media pages is time-consuming. So let us do it for you.

We keep abreast of everything that’s happening on your pages. And we ensure the necessary action is always taken – from answering customer questions in a timely manner to keeping your profiles free of spam.

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