Project Preparation for an Efficient Cost Effective Build

Project Preparation for an Efficient Cost Effective Build

A guide to achieving a clean and proficient website build.

Business Snapshot

Fill out the Business Snapshot honestly and in detail.

Supply correct ftp and domain name login details

The key here is to test out the details before you send them to us.

Supply Google analytics details

We use this data to make important design and content architecture decisions when creating your website.


WordPress was made to be hosted on Linux Server, not a Windows Server. Avoid a Windows Server and avoid super cheap services like crazy domains and netregistry. There support is poor and load speed is very poor. Not just the frontend but the backend load speed is slow. So developing sites on these cheap, slow shared hosting accounts is long and painful.

Use Professional Photography or Stock imagery

We cant just use images we find by doing an image search on google. We need to src professional photos or stock images from image sites. You may have a certain style of image in mind. You can help us both by selecting & supplying the imagery.

Get your copy re-written for the web

Are you really qualified to be writing website copy? Of course you are. But it will be far more effective if you get the copy reformatted for the web and SEO enhanced by an expert.

Late Additions

Once the build has already begun. Adding in additional features is best left for a ‘Stage Two’ development phase. This stage will need to be quoted separately after the initial ‘Stage One’ is complete. This allows you the role up all the additions into a tidy package.

Supplying content

Content formats:

  • text, (word doc, txt file)
  • photos,(Jpg)
  • logos,(Eps, AI, Png)
  • video,(Mp4)
  • table data,(xl, html)
  • illustrations.(Eps, AI, Png)

Supply files in our dropbox folder before we begin the wireframes / design. Please don’t email content through in bits and pieces. The golden age of email is over and we are not going back. We use trello for project communication.


This might seem harsh but try not to pick up the phone and call us whenever you have a question. Use email first to schedule a skype conversation. Try to pack all your questions up into the one bag and take it along to the skype meeting. We like skype as we can use screen sharing and the chat box to share website urls and other info.

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