Ongoing Services

Ongoing Services

Ensure your site operates with maximum effect by engaging pixelstorm ongoing services

Its funny how many ideas you will get for your website after it is launched. Thats why we offer a retainer program after the site is launched to further develop and performance test the site in a real world environment

Google Pay-per-click (PPC) and Google Adwords.

PPC is a great way for us to collect website traffic data on your site. As well as being an effective way to directly increase sales, we also use this data to help improve the site conversion rate.


Someone, somewhere is trying to hack into your site. We use our advanced expertise and techniques to ensure that they do not get access.

Load Speed Optimisation

Did you know load speed is a ranking factor? Thats right google wants your site to load fast and it knows if its loading slow. We put your site through a page speed testing process which tells us what areas need to be improved.

Site refreshes and further development

Let your customers know that your company is on the way up with sleek refresh of the homepage or additional functionality.


One Session a week for four weeks training program is a great way to get familiar with wordpress development.

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