Custom Build vs Premium Theme

Custom Build vs Premium Theme

What is the difference between a custom built website and a website that uses a premium theme

Premium Theme

A premium theme is a pre-built ‘off the shelf’ theme which has hundreds of options for customisation built-in. Built on-top of this ‘option heavy’ monster is the functionality and branding you require from your website.

Premium themes are generally heavily coded. There is a lot of code / functionality (generally in the wp-admin) which you are not using. Many scripts on the front-end will also load even when not required.

Premium themes are a popular choice for many companies as they are generally cheaper then custom builds, more transparent and generally have a quicker turn around time.

You also have the ability to explore and choose your own premium theme. As the theme selection can sometimes be time consuming. This can reduce your spend as you are doing some of the leg work by making the choice. However, if you are not savvy with websites, this may be best left to us.

From a design point of view a premium theme may have a limited life span. What is cool now may look out-dated in a couple of years.

Custom Builds

A custom build theme starts with a clean slate framework. Built upon the clean slate framework is the custom functionality and Branding.

Custom built themes are generally light weight and minimal and therefore easier to use as the options choice is not so overwhelming.

A custom build is completely scalable. For instance perhaps design is not so important and you just need a quick bare bones site up, with a few core services and essential contact information. The design can be added later when there is a budget for it.

A custom build can easily be grown out over a ten year period with new features and design changes happening whenever required. Code can be easily updated – especially if you are going to be using the same developer for the whole time.

This is a top tier product. If you are an established company and looking to utilise a content management system to help improve your business procedures a custom build is an option worth considering.

A custom build is generally better for those how want to be involved in the website design / development. You want to see wireframes and visual designs of each page as you wish to provide feedback before the build commences. Ensuring the designers and developers are on the same wave length as you.

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